Please browse my gallery of work below.  Click on each series of paintings to learn more about my inspiration and design process. Most of my paintings are available for purchase online with free shipping across the United States. I am currently taking commissions and am happy to bring your vision to life!


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Images may be clicked on to see the title, medium, dimensions, and a larger image of the artwork. 


Bridging, my newest series, is a metaphor for navigating the new world of the pandemic. These paintings explore different land masses that connect us together by bridges, representing the physical reconnection we face after the pandemic. We must lend support by building bridges, learning and helping each other.

Ode to the Birdhouse

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by birds. They are beautiful in design and movement. In this series, I took a simple shape of a birdhouse and several patterns of birds, then added leaves to create a complex overlapping design, a signature style of my paintings.

Large Paintings

This series highlights my largest paintings. These paintings tell their own story, creating exciting conversations and brightening up the spaces they occupy.

Barn Quilts

This series was inspired by one of my lifelong passions, horses. I have spent a lot of time in old barns and have always enjoyed looking at their architecture. As an artist, I was especially drawn to the quilts painted on a variety of barns I’ve visited. Painting this series was a creative challenge, exploring color, design and patterns within a defined shape.

In The Garden Series

I started gardening as a young child and have never stopped. No matter where I have lived, I always find myself digging in the dirt; it gives me balance and grounds me. As an artist, I am drawn to brilliant colors and patterns and having the freedom to use their inspiration to create abstract paintings. 


There is peace and tranquility in the gentle movement of water as koi fish swim around. This series explores those feelings.

Marsh Kaleidoscope

Giving value to the importance of wetlands inspired me to create the Marsh Kaleidoscope series. The wetlands are key to our environment, as they clean and filter water and provide homes for numerous animals, birds, amphibians, and insects.


The wetlands are also visually exciting places to walk around, with their multi-layers of growth creating patterns in the water’s reflection. These patterns speak to my love of color and design.

Spirit of the Dance

I started the Spirit of the Dance series to honor Native American women. Each painting is layered with leather in dress pattern forms and native imaging. When I finished the series of five paintings, I realized that they not only represented Native American women, but all women throughout history who have felt ignored or underappreciated. These paintings celebrate the spirit and drive that lives in us all!


After years of wearing an old pair of riding chaps through the backwoods of New Hampshire, I felt inspired to create this series. Loving Native American imagery, it was a natural design idea to embellish the paintings with another layer of leather designs.


My natural environment inspires me, and every day we should honor and protect the nature around us. In this series, I challenged myself to create different views and techniques for each painting.


My circle paintings are created on two layers of handmade, hand-cut paper. These paintings explore a variety of interesting designs and I draw inspiration from all around me, including the Native American tribes surrounding New Hampshire lakes.

Boat Series

Growing up on the Rhode Island shore, I have always had an affinity for the water. I am especially drawn to old wooden boats with their weathered, well-worn shape.